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The current cockpit is an A-4 Skyhawk.

Nicknamed 'Scooter' this aircraft is a lightweight attack aircraft that has served in the military forces of nearly a dozen countries, performing roles as varied as precision attack, advanced pilot training, and even loft (or toss) bombing.  The lower ejection handle was also used in the movie "Faith of our fathers", and comes with photos and authentication papers.

Not just an ejection seat to sit in:

This cockpit has functioning gauges which respond correctly to the Microsoft Flight program, allowing carrier and land based missions to be flown in a completely correct cockpit.  The original stick, throttle, and rudder pedals are connected to the computer running the flight simulator program, along with the switchgear for flaps, landing gear, speed brakes, and even elevator trim!  All switchgear and instrument panels are correctly red backlit.  The gunsite is original and works.  There are 26 Skyhawk cockpit models with 22 flight dynamics envelopes tailored to specific loadout (external stores such as bombs and tanks).  The hooded 47 inch flat screen display, digital surround sound, and motion platform (capable of moving simulator under a standard ceiling) will blow you away. 

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